This speaks for itself…

"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."
                                                      – Britney Spears

10 Reasons why I hate Ashlee Simpson!!!!

10: She is not as hot as her sister
9  : She is a whiney little poser
8  : She can’t sing worth shit
7  : when she does its on tape
6  : She had her own TV show for no reason
5  : She is actually stupider than her sister
4  : She classifies herself as "punk"
3  : She thinks her life is "so hard"
2  : She makes Avril Lavigne look like Kittie

The reasons for pop music’s appeal

The reasons for pop music’s appeal:

 is the inherent feel good factor it is based on. It sells upbeat music whose appeal is entirely superficial. The lyrics carry no depth just badly masked sexual innuendoes. Simply structured and repetitive lyrics and music don’t put any undue strain on the listeners’ mind. The music does not require the listener to think and thus appeals to the masses; most of below average IQ ensuring their minds aren’t taxed.
Pop music is a reflection of the direction society is heading in, towards a future, where the masses are intellectually deficient.
Pop stars are as tools for merchandising more effective than ordinary models as they have (in the eyes of their followers) credibility. This idea is not based on actual merit; rather it is based on a feeling of idolatry misinterpreted as a sense of competence.

In other words: Only STUPID people listen to todays mindless pop trash…. 

Why I hate boy/girl bands

Why I hate boy/girl bands
These ‘bands’ almost always consist of five members with five corresponding personalities, goody two shoes, pretty boy, rebel, sophisticated and introvert to name a few. Five personalities to cater to the varied tastes of the target audience. Thus ensuring there’s always something for everyone.
The promotion campaign of a pop band would read like the marketing strategy of any common household commodity. For that is what they are, common household commodities.
Why aren’t any pop stars ugly? For the same reason no one makes shoes shaped like turds. They are all products subject to market forces determined by their image.
What I find most objectionable about them is the fact that they have the audacity to call themselves musicians and call their groups bands. The term band when applied to a pop group is a misnomer, as in no way do they even in their wildest fantasies bear even vague semblance to a band. They merely blindly prance on stage belting out lyrics based on an overused template.


The Truth About “Teen Musical Artists”

Teen artists will usually have the following things in common for target mass appeal:
The majority of their songs will be about love, relationships, breaking up and other similar topics in order to attract a loyal following by the opposite sex.

Since its the band as a whole which is being carefully marketed as a complete package, the record label is very careful not to let any one band member outshine another. Everyone is kept on a very short leash. This explains the matching outfits the band wears during press photos.

Although a whole package, each band member will all take on different character for mass market appeal so as not to alienate any demographic. For example, every band will have the "strong but silent type" the "friendly heartthrob" or the "slightly goofy but appealing joker".

Since most fans will wish to start a relationship (or just have sex) with the members of the band, the band will be extremely friendly to all their fans letting them think that they can. This is especially true if the fans are loyal enough to buy all the band’s merchandise.

Girl artists usually are marketed as both sex objects to appeal to men and boys and the wholesome neighbor next door to appeal to their female fans. This is why you often will see someone like Britney Spears dress provocatively showing off her breast implants, while at the same time attempting to maintain her wholesome innocent image. It’s a tricky balance but one which when pulled off usually equates to high financial rewards.


Todays Pop Music Is CRAP !!!

Lindsey Logan
Justin Timberlake
Jessica Simpson
Ashlee Simpson
Britney Spears
Brittney Murphy
Christina Augularia
These are just some of the so called "artists" that are nothing but a bunch of pathetic losers manufactured buy the American music industry because there is no real talent out there anymore.Their music is written by someone else, the band members are hired by some music managers and those "artists as u kids want to call them are brought in to a recording studio and their voices are modified and recorded on the music sound track and put on a master copy for sale at a future date.Then a fashion consultant comes in an tells them what type of clothes and attitude to have and then BANG!! a new manufactured artist is born!! TODAYS MUSIC IS NOTHING BUT TRASH AND THERE IS NO TALENT ANYMORE!!!!…..remember when 10, 20 or 30 years ago when artist actually wrote, recorded and played their own music???? NOW THAT WAS TALENT….

Mike D.