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Ontario wakes up!

I                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It took seven years, but it looks like Ontarians have finally come around to realize what a disaster the Dalton McGuinty regime has been for this province.

The latest Toronto Star / Angus Reid poll reveals three out of four Ontarians have had enough of the guy.

If you’ve been reading this blog since its inception four and a half years ago, you know where I’ve stood.

Dalton McGuinty is the worst politician I’ve experienced since I cast my first ballot in 1978. Of course you have to watch how you position this, because what bothers me about McGuinty, is what some might argue makes a good politician.

He’s a disgusting liar. With no shame.

It’s amazing how this province has been duped into giving this man the long run he’s had. He’s been nothing but an enemy of the people with the moves he’s made, calculated around his mandate.

Like the HST. After rejecting the concept prior to the last election, he waits till mid-term to bring it in, hoping the electorate, in typical Ontario fashion, will forgive and forget by the time the next election rolls around.

He’s a manipulator. He’s conniving and he’s untrustworthy. And you voted for him.


It all gets back to the same thing that plagues Ontario. Blind hatred for the Conservatives makes people go into a voting booth and mark Liberal, just because it’s Liberal, and just because it’s not Conservative.

Well look where it’s gotten us. Three quarters of Ontarians now admit they feel poorer now than they did two years ago and it’s tied directly to the HST which we now pay on virtually everything.

McGuinty will look you in the eye and claim the HST will eventually filter through business and force prices down, but that, like most things McGuinty says is a lie, and if not a lie, a dream.

And hold on all you anti-cons. Yes, the HST was promoted by the Conservatives, but in the end it was McGuinty’s call. His decision. His thirst for cash because he’s totally mismanaged the province.

Funny how he blames everything that goes wrong on the federal government, but all of a sudden, when it means taking more money out of your pocket, he buys into a federal scheme.

McGuinty’s legacy is something to be ashamed of. From the back-door health tax he introduced during his first man-date, to the botched eco tax he pretends will actually help the environment.

It was nothing but another tax grab.

I laugh when people look back on the Harris government like it was some kind of disease. At least Harris told the truth. You might not have liked what he did, but he did what he said he was going to do.

I’ll take a tough love leader long before I’ll accept a back door liar.

When are the people of this province going to wake-up and got over this Liberal obsession?

The height of pathetic was the last election when John Tory was punished by the people of Ontario for being fair. Full funding might have seemed distasteful, but as long as the Separate School board exists, full funding should be an option for everyone.

How ironic that John Tory introduces a fair and equal plan while being honest, only to be toppled by one of the most horrific liars in the history of Canadian politics.

I’m encouraged by the latest polls, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself because I’ve seen this play before. I don’t trust the electorate of this province. It’s amazing how many people, who appear to be smart, become dummies when they walk into a polling station.

And believe me people, my position is nothing to do with party politics. I’ve voted for all three parties over my lifetime.

This is all about truth and honour and integrity….. and McGuinty has none of it.