The Ongoing History Of A Liar – From


February 28, 2008 @ 10:24

So let’s get this straight.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has time to look into the treatment of Asian fisherman in the province, and they have time to defend an East Indian man who doesn’t want to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, but they don’t have time to look into the treatment of the elderly in our nursing homes?

That just about says it all about Ontario and Canada in 2008.

There is a major staffing problem at the provinces nursing homes, a problem that hasn’t been addressed by the McGuinty government since it took power in 2003.

It’s become one of the hundreds of lies our two faced premier has broken since he was given power by a mindless electorate, not once but twice.

Complaints have flooded into the Ontario Humane Rights Commission because hundreds of our seniors are being neglected in provincial institutions and nothing is being done about it.

Diapers go unchanged and hundreds go without baths for several weeks, but this is not a priority of the Humane Rights Commission which claims it doesn’t have time to look into it.

And its being mocked by health minister George Smitherman.

I find this so infuriating a can hardly see straight.

The people in Ontario’s nursing homes are citizens who were contributing to this province long before Asian angling or turban wearing motorcyclists were an issue, but they’re being ignored by a pack of spineless bastards who’d rather avoid a difficult issue and concentrate on flimsy racial fantasies.

Barbara Hall should be ashamed of herself. She’s quick the throw the “R” word around, and she’s quick to establish double standards for people who want to wear turbans rather than helmets, but she doesn’t have time for our elderly.

George Smitherman should have his ass kicked out of office today. This smart ass prick took advantage of a photo op back in ‘03, he worked up tears in his eyes while he talked about a nursing home patient with bed sores and vowed to fix the problem with “missionary zeal.”

Of course, five years later nothing has been done.

Yesterday he stood before reporters with a big goofy smile on his face and said he planned personally test incontinence products to get a handle on the situation.

He plans to wear an adult diaper as some kind of a measuring stick against what many of our seniors are going through.

It’s an insult to those who work in nursing homes, but more importantly its insulting to those Canadians who find themselves living in such places, people who’ve been pushed to the back of the line behind fishermen and bikers.

But most of all, as usual, the spotlight should shine on our useless Premier.

What has this man done since coming to power in 2003 other than benefit from a huge campaigning mistake by John Tory?

Barbara Hall is pathetic, and George Smitherman is a joke, but they both fall under, and both pale in comparison to a deceitful little jelly fish named Dalton McGuinty.