October 11, 2007 @ 10:02

Wow, its bad enough that forty percent of those who actually voted last night voted for a bold face liar, but what’s more pathetic is that fifty percent of eligible voters in Ontario didn’t vote at all, and that my fellow citizens is an all time low.

Imagine that. Half of the people who live in arguably the greatest area on the face of the earth didn’t bother to move their ass out the door and cast a ballot. Of course it all comes back to the same thing, you get what you deserve and we’ve got the ultimate weasel for the next four years.

Give Dalton McGuinty credit. Fear mongering with the school issue, avoiding the public during the campaign and refusing to directly answer a question from the media all worked for McGuinty and if that’s what it takes to get elected in 2007 then I guess he’s a genius.

There’s no doubt that John Tory’s venture into the faith-based school issue killed him, and it may rank as one of the most idiotic moves in election history, but that doesn’t let the people off the hook.

The school issue was over-blown and over-played but most Ontarians didn’t take the time to look beyond the headlines. They chose the easy way out and got sucked into the hysteria and made a huge mistake.

Really, all of you who voted Liberal last night, in retrospect take the time over the next few days to really look into the issues and learn about the man you’ve elected to lead this province. He and key members of his caucus are nothing short of corrupt.

You and those morons who didn’t bother to vote ought to be ashamed of yourself.


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