October 25, 2007 @ 10:41

The free worlds biggest puckered is on his way to California today to support victims of the horrible brush fires that have ruined thousands of lives in the past several days.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when George W. made all kinds of grandiose statements before jumping on Air Force One to show his pathetic face in the Golden State.

I’m just wondering what his motivation is. Is he going because he’s embarrassed by his slow and perverted reaction to hurricane Katrina and he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice, or does he consider the people of Southern California more important than those who lost everything in Louisiana and Mississippi?

Mike Stafford asked similar questions on his blog yesterday.

There is still a lot of unfinished business in Katrina’s aftermath but nothing is being done about it. People still live in trailers and insurance companies are still screwing people sideways and it seems like the goofy President doesn’t give a hoot.

Katrina was a huge embarrassment for the USA as it exposed their priorities when it comes to race and affluence.

Somehow I think going to California will be a lot more comfortable for Bush.



October 11, 2007 @ 10:02

Wow, its bad enough that forty percent of those who actually voted last night voted for a bold face liar, but what’s more pathetic is that fifty percent of eligible voters in Ontario didn’t vote at all, and that my fellow citizens is an all time low.

Imagine that. Half of the people who live in arguably the greatest area on the face of the earth didn’t bother to move their ass out the door and cast a ballot. Of course it all comes back to the same thing, you get what you deserve and we’ve got the ultimate weasel for the next four years.

Give Dalton McGuinty credit. Fear mongering with the school issue, avoiding the public during the campaign and refusing to directly answer a question from the media all worked for McGuinty and if that’s what it takes to get elected in 2007 then I guess he’s a genius.

There’s no doubt that John Tory’s venture into the faith-based school issue killed him, and it may rank as one of the most idiotic moves in election history, but that doesn’t let the people off the hook.

The school issue was over-blown and over-played but most Ontarians didn’t take the time to look beyond the headlines. They chose the easy way out and got sucked into the hysteria and made a huge mistake.

Really, all of you who voted Liberal last night, in retrospect take the time over the next few days to really look into the issues and learn about the man you’ve elected to lead this province. He and key members of his caucus are nothing short of corrupt.

You and those morons who didn’t bother to vote ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Latest poll results for Ontario election

October 9, 2007 @ 10:17

As I look at the latest poll results for tomorrow’s Ontario election, I wonder.

I wonder who these people are that will walk to polling stations tomorrow and actually cast a ballot for arguably the worst, but definitely the most untrustworthy government in the history of the province.

It’s going to happen. The McGuinty Liberals are going to win the election and they’re going to get a majority and it leaves me scratching my head and wondering, who are these people who have their heads stuffed so far up their asses they probably can’t breathe.

What were these people doing during the election campaign and how could they have not taken the time to review, assess and not get sucked into the school funding issue which should have been way down the list of priorities.

How could they not be offended by the lies and deceit of the Liberal government and not be aware of all the major promises McGuinty made and then broke.

If you look at all the major issues from the last election you’ll quickly realize that McGuinty has failed miserably on almost every one of them.

Believe me, this posting is not an essay intended to promote the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, because at this point even though John Tory would be a much better "person" to lead the province, it’s probably too late for that.

Tomorrow I don’t care who you vote for, I just wonder how anyone could vote for someone who has blatantly done the things that Dalton McGuinty has done to you.

It’s amusing how smug Canadians can be when they look south of the border and smirk at the Bush government. If you’re voting Liberal tomorrow, you have no right to question anyone.

The McGuinty record is lying right in front of you. All you have to do is read a paper or google any subject connected to Ontario politics over the past four years and it’s all there to be seen.

Tomorrow you’ll be voting for a man every bit the liar that George Bush has proved to be. Obviously Bush’s lies carried way more magnitude, but McGuinty’s lies were unprecedented when it comes to Canadians politics and you’re about to re-elect the guy, just like Americans re-elected Bush.

Tomorrow you’ll be voting for a bad government and a very deceitful man. That might be alright for you, but you’ll be dragging the rest of us down with you. Thanks a lot.

Meanwhile, read this article in today’s Toronto Sun by Joe Warmington – it says it all.

The Pointy Headed Promises and Mistakes…I Fuckin’ hate this guy!

We thought long and hard before deciding that we would publish this article that had been passed to us on our real estate blog, but then we thought well all of these things do influence real estate in Ontario, by changing the amount of money we have in our pockets. Also it shows the power of links in how the search engines rank sites. Also if you feel strongly about what Ontario’s Premier Pinocchio, also known as the Pointy Headed Liar has done since being elected please feel free to report this article but please keep the whole article intact with the links.

Ontarians can’t trust a single thing the Pointy Headed Liar says

Ontario's Pointy Header Liar

  1. “I won’t raise your taxes.”
  2. Balance the Budget every year of their mandate
  3. Balance the Budget by 2007
  4. Roll back tolls on the 407
  5. Fund Medically-Necessary Health Care Services (de-listed eye exams, chiropractic care and physiotherapy)
  6. Not Add to the Province’s Debt
  7. Stop 6,600 Houses on the Oak Ridges Moraine
  8. Abide by the Balanced Budget law
  9. Cap Hydro Rates at 4.3¢ per Kilowatt Hour Until 2006
  10. Respect MPPs and Democracy
  11. Allow all non-cabinet MPPs to criticize and vote against government legislation
  12. Provide autism treatment beyond age six
  13. Reduce Auto Insurance Rates by 10% Within 90 Days
  14. Reduce Private Consultants
  15. Cancel P3 Hospitals in Brampton and Ottawa
  16. Public Inquiry into Meat Inspection
  17. Withdraw Government Appeal on the Richmond Landfill
  18. Make Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer an independent officer of the Legislature
  19. Govern with honesty and integrity
  20. Better mental health care
  21. Value and Support the Public Service
  22. Divert 60% of municipal garbage to recycling by 2005
  23. Close “private” MRI and CT clinics
  24. Stop School Closings
  25. Provide Adequate, Multi-Year Funding for Hospitals
  26. Hire Over 1,000 Teachers a Year
  27. Hire 1,000 New Police Officers
  28. Close Coal-Fired Electricity Plants by 2007
  29. Double the Number of Apprentices
  30. End the “Clawback” of the Federal Child Tax Credit
  31. Build 20,000 New Affordable Housing Units
  32. Spend “Every Penny” of the New Health Tax on Health Care
  33. Eliminate Barriers to Foreign-Trained Professionals within One Year
  34. Require Trades and Professions to Accept Qualified Immigrants within One Year
  35. Repeal the Tenant Protection Act within One Year
  36. Establish a Standing Committee on Education to Hold Yearly Hearings
  37. Liberal Promises Would Cost $5.9 Billion
  38. Make the Ministry of Agriculture a lead ministry
  39. Invest in rural roads and bridges
  40. Make sure health dollars are being spent wisely
  41. Stop the waste of taxpayers’ dollars
  42. Support the province’s cities
  43. Guarantee stable, long-term funding for our rural communities
  44. Operate an open and transparent government
  45. Provide a new funding formula for rural and northern schools
  46. Hard cap of 20 students for early grades
  47. Ensure 75% of students meet or exceed the provincial standard on province-wide tests within first mandate
  48. Tackle gridlock
  49. Give taxpayers better value for money while keeping taxes down
  50. Provide financial assistance to farmers to offset the cost of new nutrient management rules

50 good reasons why you should not support the pointy headed liar when it comes to his next campaign to gain re-election to the Ontario parliament. Don’t vote Dalton McGuinty the premier pinocchio when you next visit the ballot box. Keep your hard earnt dollars in your pocket while keeping Ontario’s services alive and well.