Blonde Dumbass

September 20, 2007 @ 09:01

I watched the OJ Simpson court appearance yesterday and I found it fascinating.

Not the fact that he got bail and it was only 125 thousand dollars; I was fascinated by a blond woman sitting in the court room.

It was 31 year old Christie Prody and she’s OJ’s girlfriend. Can you swallow that one? OJ Simpson’s girlfriend? And there’s a creep factor built in because she looks shockingly like Nicole.

What kind of a whacked out tool is this woman? What kind of a groupie, star chasing wing nut must this woman be?

She’s not a bad looking woman so it’s not like she “had” to scrape the bottom of the barrel, she could probably have her pick of men, but instead she chooses a man who almost sliced his wife’s head off.

According to police reports, they’ve been called to Prody’s apartment no less than four times over the past couple of years on domestic complaints involving Simpson.

Think about it. What would possess a woman to make this choice? How could she be so gullible as to buy “any” explanation that OJ could give her? Her mother says OJ has convinced her that he didn’t kill anybody and his DNA that was splattered all over the scene was planted.

What do her friends think? What does her family think? I think of my own daughter and wonder what her father thinks?

There’s no explaining it. Apparently Paul Bernardo gets lots of fan mail or love letters and countless proposals.

There are some sick dumbass females out there, and there was one sitting in a Las Vegas courtroom yesterday.


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