The Truth Behind Valentines Day


The primary motive behind Valentines Day is MONEY and plenty of it.Hallmark is cleverly cashing in on Valentines Day greeting cards. The same with people who sell flowers, Candy and cute cuddly bears. They all do this under the disguise of something called Love.
They do this while making single people feel sad and degrading them. Society forces you to feel inadequate and less of a person because you are not involved in a "RELATIONSHIP". They alienate you because you choose to be celibate. They ostracize you because you are content with a romantic less relationship. They surround you with sickening displays of kissing, cupids, hearts, and public displays of affection until it forces you to puke!

Valentines has a bad effect on the general population of the human race. For example, instead of pleasantly surprising someone you care, People now expect gifts to be exchanged in a Valentine’s ritual. Giving gifts to make someone feel special should have personal motives (motives of honestly trying to make that person feel good) NOT a ritual because society and people around you EXPECT it.

When it comes down to it Valentines is a overrated capitalistic invention by Hallmark to make money with sick side affects of lowering self-esteem of many individuals.

Valentines Day…….also known as Singles Awareness Day



F*ck Valentines Day!!!

  Hearts and roses and kisses galore…
  What the hell is all that shit for?
  People get mushy and start acting queer
  It is definatley the most annoying day of the year
  This day needs to get the hell over with and pass
  Before i shove a dozen roses up Cupid’s ass
  I’ll spend the day so drunk I can’t speak
  And wear all black for the rest of the week
  Guys act all nice, but it soon will fade
  For all they are doing is trying to get laid
  The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit
  Because I think love is a crock of shit
  So heres my story…what else can I say?
  Love bites my ass…Fuck Valentines Day!