10 Reasons why I hate Ashlee Simpson!!!!

10: She is not as hot as her sister
9  : She is a whiney little poser
8  : She can’t sing worth shit
7  : when she does its on tape
6  : She had her own TV show for no reason
5  : She is actually stupider than her sister
4  : She classifies herself as "punk"
3  : She thinks her life is "so hard"
2  : She makes Avril Lavigne look like Kittie

The reasons for pop music’s appeal

The reasons for pop music’s appeal:

 is the inherent feel good factor it is based on. It sells upbeat music whose appeal is entirely superficial. The lyrics carry no depth just badly masked sexual innuendoes. Simply structured and repetitive lyrics and music don’t put any undue strain on the listeners’ mind. The music does not require the listener to think and thus appeals to the masses; most of below average IQ ensuring their minds aren’t taxed.
Pop music is a reflection of the direction society is heading in, towards a future, where the masses are intellectually deficient.
Pop stars are as tools for merchandising more effective than ordinary models as they have (in the eyes of their followers) credibility. This idea is not based on actual merit; rather it is based on a feeling of idolatry misinterpreted as a sense of competence.

In other words: Only STUPID people listen to todays mindless pop trash….