Why I hate boy/girl bands

Why I hate boy/girl bands
These ‘bands’ almost always consist of five members with five corresponding personalities, goody two shoes, pretty boy, rebel, sophisticated and introvert to name a few. Five personalities to cater to the varied tastes of the target audience. Thus ensuring there’s always something for everyone.
The promotion campaign of a pop band would read like the marketing strategy of any common household commodity. For that is what they are, common household commodities.
Why aren’t any pop stars ugly? For the same reason no one makes shoes shaped like turds. They are all products subject to market forces determined by their image.
What I find most objectionable about them is the fact that they have the audacity to call themselves musicians and call their groups bands. The term band when applied to a pop group is a misnomer, as in no way do they even in their wildest fantasies bear even vague semblance to a band. They merely blindly prance on stage belting out lyrics based on an overused template.



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