My Political Opinion

Dalton Mcquinty is nothing but an IDIOT and a corrupt politician….he is a liar and a scammer and he is one of the biggest mistakes in politics that has ever been elected for the Ontario government. This man does not deserve another 4 years.He doesnt know what he is doing He thinks that if there is no money for healthcare or whatever then he just says: "oh well, we will just get it from the middle class taxpayer, that’s all" and this is happening more so since he has been elected as premier of this province. Remember what Mcquinty said in his advertising campaign for the election: "i won’t lower your taxes but i wont raise them either" He’ll just add more!! DALTON McQUINTY IS A LIAR AND A CHEAT AND WILL USE ANY EXCUSE TO EMPTY THE POCKETS OF ALL ONTARIANS!!

Mike D


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