Money Is Evil

Money Is Evil

Okay. Can’t get a loan because I don’t have a credit history.
You get a credit history by having and using credit cards, or getting and paying off loans

Can’t get a credit card because I have no credit history

Possible Solutions:

1. Get a secure credit card. A secure credit card means that if you want a card with a $500 limit, you give the bank $500. No, this isn’t a joke. You "borrow" off of your own fucking money and if your late paying back your own fucking money, you get to pay late fees and 10% interest on money you ALREADY FUCKING HAVE.

2. A secured bank loan. This one makes even less sense to me. In this scenario, you take money you already have, put it in the bank, get a loan on that money (which is now the bank’s), and pay that money back plus intrest over a period of months – with the usual harsh penalties for not paying them on time.



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